Let SpinningLeaf Help Make This Christmas One Not Soon to be Forgotten

26 Nov

Here at TheNoobDad HQ, we oftentimes procrastinate when it comes to purchasing gifts for birthdays, weddings, and especially Christmas. What our gifts lack in thoughtfulness, they more than make up for with utter bizarreness. I still remember that time my grandma unwrapped that Hillary Clinton nutcracker.  But not this time. This year we’re planning ahead by helping the kids make everyone on their list chocolate covered Oreos with a little help from SpinningLeaf.

Over the weekend, the kids and I took the time to hone our skills in the art of covering sugar-loaded, double stuffed chocolate cookies with even more sugary chocolate. SpinningLeaf has numerous different cookie molds, each capable of holding six cookies at a time. We picked the one pictured above.

I chopped the chocolate and melted it in the microwave then painted the snowflakes. You’re going to need a lot of chocolate to cover the entire cookie on all sides so go ahead and melt a few handfuls of the candy melts. The kids “gently” pressed the Oreos in the molds just before I spooned the rest of the colored chocolate on top. We let the chocolate harden before popping them in the fridge for a few minutes and viola, the snowflake cookies slid right out of the molds.

My kids loved being able to eat their edible creations and took a lot of pride in their handiwork. Now that we know what we’re doing, we’re looking to shave a few minutes off our time trial when it comes time to hand out gifts. No matter the recipient, whether it is your child’s teacher or their mother, they’ll be delighted that you took the time to help the rugrats make something not made out of macaroni this year. Those brownie points will come in handy at Parent-Teacher Conferences and under the mistletoe respectively. Now if only it could get me off Grandma’s hit list.

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