Friendly’s: Killing Your Kid Long Before The Happy Ending

Ever look at some of the options on a menu and thank the menu gods you’ve got no clue of the caloric value? Especially some of the Kid’s Menu fare. It’s a very “don’t ask, don’t forget the Ranch” policy.

Gotta wonder what evil lurks in the Mac & Cheese Quesadilla on the Kid’s Menu at Friendly’s. Wonder no more Mr. Fatnuts.

The most caloric kids meal in America is reportedly Friendly’s Mac & Cheese Quesadilla. With the drink and dessert that come with it, the meal has 2,300 calories.

Nothing quite like breaking the recommended calories for an adult in one compact kid’s meal. So besides the Mac & Cheese Quesadilla (because it’s not authentic Mexican food without American infusion) what else comes in this kid killer meal?

A cheese quesadilla filled with mac and cheese. Add bacon or a Friendly Frank* to get to the next level! (*hot dog contains milk)

Notice they have to point out that the hot dog actually contains something of nutritional value.

“Ugh (SPIT!) God! Ugh mom what’s that grotesque taste?”
“It’s milk dear.”
“Milk? The shit is milk? I need a Fribble to wash that taste away.”

Has your kid ever order a Mac & Cheese Quesadilla? How long did the coma last?

America’s Most Disgusting Kid Meal: The 2,300-Calorie Mac & Cheese Quesadilla [Gawker]

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