25 Geeky Homemade Cupcakes For Kids

Carvel cake. That is all I ask for on my birthday. A damn ice cream Carvel cake. Not an odd request. It’s also store bought so pretty damn simple to prepare. Only maniacs and difficult people ask for incredibly intricate cakes and deserts for their birthday. The show Cake Boss. It caters to a world of people with too much time and money. It’s food. You’re going to eat it!

Just because I don’t agree with the decorative cake business doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s pretty damn cool. That was until I stumbled upon a few geeky cupcakes and my mind was BA LOWN. It’s so much detail for such a little canvas. Plus they actually look delicious. So, I could do only one thing, that didn’t involve baking the damn things. A gallery. Here are 25 geeky homemade cupcakes.

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