Adidas Getting Noobdad in Shape with Springblade

As a dad with two young boys at home, a job, household responsibilities, late nights, and no longer being 18 I need to watch what I eat and work to stay in shape.  I spent eight years as a competitive running in high school and college.  I ran many hundreds of miles of the course of those years and since I stopped running 16 years ago my body has changed.  I used to compete at 138 lbs and now I am 188lbs.  I started running again at the gym and it isn’t any fun.  I used to train to compete against other runners and now I train to just try and get some exercise.  Now Adidas is introducing some very cool new sneakers that might make running a bit more enjoyable for me. I currently run in a pair of Adidas Climacool Ride M shoes and they have been great, but their new Springblade shoe really looks interesting.  The Springblade has 16 individually tuned Energy Blades that provide one of the highest energy returns in the industry. Who doesn’t want a little return on the energy they put into their runs?  Well Adidas is giving you that return with each stroke of your foot on the pavement.

Get yours at and join the conversation at and on Twitter with #Springblade.

Attached are images of the Springblade in the color “Electricity” that you can feature and highlight.

YouTube Preview Image


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